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When I met Garrett my sole goal was to get in shape to become pregnant and start our family. In my late thirties I already had the weight creep going on and I knew that if I did not get in shape I would never loose the baby weight once I got pregnant. It was time for change. Garrett was a perfect fit and was an exceptional well rounded trainer – he gave me advice, held me accountable, listened, pushed me beyond what I thought I could ever do, knew the importance of family and health and knew when I needed a break. What I loved was every work-out was something new and different. One day we might be outside at the local park for a boot camp style run through the jungle gym and the next day I might be throwing around the weight bag. I became pregnant that fall after I started and I never felt better through my whole pregnancy. Garrett adjusted my training as I progressed in size focusing on balance, strength and posture. I found that even if I was dead tired when I got there by the time we were done I was jazzed up with more energy and in a better mood. A week after I had the baby my phone rang and Garrett told me it was time to get back on the horse. I thought he was nuts but he was right and again I think it helped fend off post partum blues, gave me more energy and sense of well being. After three weeks back I weighed less after the baby than I had when I got married!

My journey with Garrett has evolved and changed over the last three years since our first meeting as does life. I know when I am not in my own court to get moving, I can call Garrett to help me focus, find a goal and really dig into what is blocking my progress. Garrett is more than a personal trainer he is an excellent listener, teacher, life coach, friend and follows through on his commitments. I would recommend Garrett to anyone who is looking for change because no matter how you define “change” he will be there to coach, mentor, train, listen and cheer you on and who can’t use that in your life.

- Amy W.


I have worked with Garrett Stangel several times in the last few years. Garrett is an incredible support system and motivator for anyone looking to gain physical fitness and “life” fitness. He has a vast knowledge base to help you through your challenges, and is able to guide you to the best solution for you. He caters his services to meet your needs and finds ways to help you focus and understand that stresses happen daily. And it’s not what stresses your going through…it’s how you handle “life” (hence the “life” fitness). Garrett helps you find that balance in life and helps you realize that you are worth it, which is one of the first healing steps towards overall mind and body fitness and health. I highly recommend working with Garrett to reach your goals.

- Amy V.


Garrett has helped change my life. After a yearly exam by my physician last October; finding out that my cholesterol was high and heading towards pre-diabetic blood sugar levels, I knew I had to get serious about getting healthy. After meeting with Garrett, I knew he was the person that was going to change my way of thinking. He is so inspiring, never judging, and knows just what to do and say to keep me motivated. After 4 months of working with him, my cholesterol dropped in to a healthy range, and I have lost 30 pounds. I feel so much healthier! He has gotten me on a great routine, and I still train with him. I actually look forward to our sessions!

KTI met Garrett in 2009 when Self Magazine provided me with a personal trainer while writing an article on my weight loss. After working with him for only a short time (less than a year) he helped me to lose over 50 lbs. I toned up my body so much so that for the first time in 30 years, I could actually wear a bikini & look good in it! These have been the best days of my life working with Garrett. He is a constant source of inspiration & confidence! In 2011 I was given a very shocking diagnosis of renal failure. I was taking 18 medications a day. When I felt all was lost, Garrett took me under his wing & led me to the education I never knew about. After watching a documentary & making the life changes he recommended, two months ago I got a clean bill of health! I am off all but 1 medication now! I owe this man everything! He helped me lose weight & get healthy! What more can one person do in such a caring way to change a persons’ life?

- Nicole C.

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